Drainage renovation in winter

Winter is an excellent time to find out if the property’s underdrains work and, if necessary, renew them before the spring meltwaters, as the task of the drains is to transport massive amounts of water away from the house’s stone foundation. Defective drains are often revealed after meltwater has drained into the basement of the house, and at that point repairing the damage becomes much more expensive.
In houses without a basement, these problems are less evident. In those cases the dampness of the foundation may become apparent only after moisture damage and indoor air quality problems arise in the house. Therefore, functional underdrains are indispensable! It really pays off to inspect the condition of the drains in winter either by your own means or by utilising Vesivek’s free condition inspection.


Prepare for meltwater

Up to 250,000 litres of water per year may flow in the underdrains, and the greatest strain comes in the spring when snow and ice melt.


Winter protects the yard

In winter, less time is spent in the yard, so the renovation is less of a bother than during the summer holidays. Snow and frosty ground also protect the yard and thus the renovation leaves fewer traces on the ground.


Winter is less busy

The winter season is quieter, which means that our experts have more time to examine the condition of the drains and the stone foundation and to guide you in the maintenance of the house.

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