Roof products

Using Vesivek’s FI-certified products and installation service is the best way to ensure the durability of your building’s roof safety and rainwater products and their ability to sustain the impacts of weather.


Comprehensive warranties

We grant a 5-year warranty for the roof product, ladder and gutter installations. Product warranties vary between products. The warranty of the Arvo aluminium gutter is as long as 60 years.


Durable products

Our products are FI- and CE-approved, and most of them have been tested by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. The amount of zinc coating in Vesivek’s products is 350 g/m², while the usual amount is only 275 g/m². This means that Vesivek’s products are more durable.

Gutters and rainwater systems

The rainwater system serves to guide rainwater and melting snow on the roof away from the building. The rainwater system comprises rainwater gutters and downpipes.

Wall ladders

A high-quality, durable ladder accentuates the upright look of the building. The quality of the Vesivek system ladder is based on strong materials and a thick protective zinc layer. And to top off the...

Roof ladders

In the most serious sense, moving around at height is always about the safety of people. All of our roof ladders and roof steps are therefore CE-approved. They also meet category 2 safety requirements...

Snow guards

The location and height of the house and the roof slope, among other things, affect the choice of snow guards. Our specialists are happy to help you find the most suitable snow guard solution during...

Roof walkways

Walkways provide security for transverse movements on the roof. Vesivek’s roof walkways and access ways help you ensure that, say, the chimney sweeper or antenna installer can do their jobs safely...

Emergency exit routes

In case of emergency, emergency exit routes guarantee safe exit from upstairs windows and balconies. Our product range includes emergency exit ladders, launchable escape ladders and emergency exit...

Fall protection

A system preventing or arresting a fall must be used to protect those working on the roof. In general, the purpose is to prevent falls.Fall protection can be implemented by means of wire systems,...