Vesivek roof renovation is a package solution

Vesivek’s roofing products are manufactured in our factories in Finland, Pirkkala and Orimattila, and therefore carry the Key Flag Symbol. Our installers are our professionals, whose work is guaranteed for 5 years. As there are no external links in the supply chain, Vesivek is responsible for the content and timing of the renovation package in all situations.


Weather protection in one day

In over 40 years of operation, we have developed smart processes to get your roof up to cover from rain and shine during the first day. The use of scaffolding and cranes is key, as is the correct manning and job roles. That way, weather permitting, the roof structures won’t be open for more than a couple of hours, and your home won’t be at the mercy of the rain. All in all, the renovation will take just a few working days. And you can stay at home for the duration of the renovation.


A breathable Vesivek roof will last

Roof renovation is much more than just replacing sheets or tiles. The structures beneath the surface affect the durability of the roof as much as the roof itself. Vesivek has a total of 57 different structural solutions that have been researched and tested. This means there is a ventilated solution for every roof that will last for generations.


One price – the best warranty

Based on a Vesivek condition assessment, we will provide you with a comprehensive offer covering all materials and work. So you don’t have to worry about prices going up as the renovation progresses. We also give a warranty on our own factory products and the work of our own fitters. Our materials warranty lasts up to 60 years, and our installation warranty is five years. We’re a long-standing, big player, so you can count on our warranties.

Tested construction solutions + the most durable materials = a long-lasting roof

In addition to the visible roofing, there are many other factors that affect the overall quality of a roof.

Ventilated construction

We use at least a double-vented structure under the roof, which means that air can circulate both under and over the underlay. Adequate air circulation is an important factor in the durability of the roof. Some older roofs may require a triple or even quadruple ventilated structure. Our roofing experts will find the right solution for your roof from over 50 different Vesivek structural solutions.

SSAB steel, durable coating

We use SSAB’s MattaNova coated steel for our steel profiles. Optimum durability and formability of the profiles is achieved with 0.5 mm steel, in Luja-Lauri we use 0.6 mm steel. Designed for northern conditions, MattaNova coating is extremely durable. The matte surface is achieved with ultra-hard particles and therefore does not get dirty as easily as competing solutions.

Mould-resistant timber

Vesivek has been the first to develop and introduce timber treated with a more environmentally friendly wood preservative. It prevents mould and other growths from taking root in the roof structure. The preservative meets the EN 599-1 requirements and is water-based, making it 100% energy recyclable.

KINGI roofing screw

We use KINGI screws for roof renovations. It is the only roofing screw approved for use in climate category C3, which means it lasts as long as the highest quality steel roofing.

Vesivek Divoroll Pro underlays

The underlay plays an important role in protecting roof structures from condensation and possible roof leaks. Vesivek Divoroll Pro™ is the only breathable underlay with a 30-year guarantee. It has excellent mechanical strength and is heavier and thicker than conventional underlays. Therefore, it absorbs more water and releases it during dry weather.

Arvo gutters

The aluminium Arvo gutter is the only seamless, non-corroding and gutter free from stripe stains on the market. The outward-bent brim of the Arvo gutter prevents dirty water from running down the side of the gutter, preventing the ugly stripe stains. Arvo gutters are always prepared at the site to match the dimensions of the eaves to avoid leaking gutter sockets. We grant a 60-year anti-corrosion warranty against perforation for the Arvo gutter.

Look out for these signs on your roof!

Your roof should be maintained like any other structure in your house, and it’s a good idea to check its condition regularly. This way, any potential problems will be detected early before worse damage can occur. In principle, insurance will not cover any damage caused by wear and tear or neglect of the roof.



The service life of a roof is rarely over 40 years. Cracks, loose nails/screws, rust stains and growths on the roofing are some of the signs of poor roof condition. If water finds its way indoors, you should take immediate action. The longer the water is allowed to wreak havoc on the structure, the more expensive the repair will be.

Guttering and roof safety

Guttering and roof safety

Rust marks and holes in gutters or rainwater splashing on walls are signs of an outdated system. Snow guards protect the yard and your family and also play a big role in moisture control. When the snow melts on the roof, moisture should not reach the walls and structures of your house. You should also check the condition of ladders and roof walkways.

Roof ceiling joist

Roof ceiling joist

The most reliable way to check the condition of your roof is from the top floor, the attic. Any leaks will leave their mark there. In particular, check the lead-throughs and mitre joints. A musty smell indicates insufficient ventilation and a possible condensation problem. Condensation may be visible as droplets on the underside of the roofing or as darkening/growth on structures.

My roof is leaking – what should I do?

Vesivek Emergency roof leak service is here to help you. We examine the situation, perform the necessary initial protection and agree on the next steps. Call +358 19 568 1093. The number serves you 24/7.

When is the right time for a roof renovation?

The roof is one of the most important structures of your home, so take good care of it! A well-functioning roof must fulfil three different functions: it must be waterproof, safe, and the ventilation must be in order. People often think that the roof is only damaged when water leaks into the building. There may, however, be hidden problems in the roof, often caused by poor ventilation. An outdated roof structure may be the cause of stale indoor air, for example.

  • The roof is over 30 years old
  • Cracks or holes in the roof
  • Loose nails/screws
  • Condensation on the roof ceiling joist
  • The roof is leaking
  • The underlay is missing

How much does a roof renovation cost? Monthly instalments from EUR 150/month

Several factors affect the price of a roof renovation: roof surface area, form, materials and the condition of the roof structures, for example. That’s why our offer is always based on an on-site survey by an expert. When comparing prices, you should not consider the total sum alone, but the overall contents of the offer as well. The Finnish Home Owners’ Association has guidelines on how to tender for a renovation of your roof.

Financing decision quickly – no more standing in line in the bank

A Vesivek Account is a flexible and secure way to pay for your renovation. Using our Vesivek Account, you can make payments the way that suits you best – either as a one-time payment with a payment term of 30 days or by dividing the charge into suitable monthly instalments. You can calculate the monthly instalment and apply for a financing decision in advance already before meeting Vesivek’s representative.

How is a Vesivek roof renovation done?

Since we hold the entire delivery chain in our hands, the renovation is easy and clear for you.

Condition report

Every project is unique, so a Vesivek renovation always starts with a detailed roof inspection. This is why we never make offers over the phone – our specialist always comes to your home to inspect the roof and the roof ceiling joist structure. If you like, you may also participate in the inspection.


If any renovation needs are observed in the condition assessment, we prepare a repair plan and an offer. The price is fixed and includes everything from scaffolding to installation and products. A fixed contract price ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises when the project is invoiced.


Roof renovations are carried out with the best possible fall protection: scaffolding around the building. Safety rails, safety ropes or short scaffolds will not provide the same level of protection. The scaffolding will be installed a few days before the renovation. Before that, it is a good idea to remove all the movable goods from the walls of the house.

Installation of the roofing

On the morning of the installation day, a local four-person installation team arrives at the site with the crane, the recycling skip and the materials. Your yard will not be used as a warehouse. More than 90% of new roofings can be installed within the first day. At the end of the day, the yard is cleaned up and the installers take the construction waste with them.

Finishing work

On the second day, a team of two persons will turn up in your yard to put the finishing touches on your roof. They will install the ladder, snow guards and finishing tiles. The rainwater gutters are taken straight from the car, tailored to the dimensions of your roof. The scaffolding will be dismantled a couple of days after the renovation is complete.


We only send the invoice when the renovation has been completed fully. You can pay the invoice through Vesivek Account either as a single payment or in instalments. The installation and material guarantee documents are also sent to you with the invoice. Remember to take advantage of the tax credit for household expenses for the installation work.

Sheet metal roofing straight from our own factory

We offer three different sheet metal roofing profiles: Teräs-Tapio, Luja-Lauri and Suora-Seppo. The products are manufactured to order in Pirkkala from SSAB’s high-class steel, in one of the most modern production lines in the industry.

Teräs-Tapio Luja-Lauri Suora-Seppo


Teräs-Tapio is our most popular roofing profile, chosen by as many as 85% of our customers.

  • Manufactured in Vesivek’s own roofing profile factory in Pirkkala
  • CE-approved production method and sheet metal materials
  • Easy to maintain and keep in order thanks to its profile and material
  • Teräs-Tapio’s profile design makes it quieter than the competitors
  • Durable against time and weather conditions


Luja-Lauri snap-lock standing seam roofing is stiffer than other products and locks more securely, resulting in high-class lock-seam roofing.

  • Stiffer than other products and locks more securely
  • Folded mechanically at the eaves
  • Suitable for low-slope roofs up to 1:9
  • Also for listed buildings
  • Five colour options


Vesivek’s Suora-Seppo is a straight roofing profile designed for low-slope homes in particular.

  • Straight roofing profile
  • Modern and timeless
  • For one-family homes with a roof slope of 1:7 or steeper
  • Also suitable for halls and industrial construction
  • Seven colour options

Brick roofs

Vesivek renovates brick roofs as well. Finnish Ormax Protector+ concrete tiles are used in brick roofs. They are beautiful and durable concrete tiles with a protector coating that creates a beautiful surface on the through-coloured brick, efficiently repelling dirt and growths. The coating also provides UV protection, keeping the colour vibrant for a long time.

The shades available are clay brick red, cottage red, dark grey, black and brown.

Brick roofs

Local and national

Vesivek’s local roof specialists are ready to help you in several towns around Finland. You can find your local roof specialists in the Contact information page or by calling us.


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