Weather protection in just one day

Our crane-assisted roof renovation progresses to the weather-protected phase already on the first day of renovation, thereby decreasing the risk of water damage caused by rain. The renovation takes just a couple of days, and you can stay at home for the duration of the renovation.



Vesivek has completed over 40,000 roof renovations and over 200,000 gutter and roof safety product installations. Customers can feel safe when the responsibility is carried by one party in all cases. The scaffolding surrounding the entire building makes the installation work safe for the installers and protects the residents from any objects falling from the roof.


Speed and punctuality

We take pride in punctual deliveries and always do what we promise. Our swift installation is based on specific preliminary planning, clearly assigned work roles and the use of adequate manpower. We have our own factories, enabling deliveries without any middlemen. We complete the entire renovation in one go, giving the customers a peace of mind.


Easy and care-free, no unnecessary middlemen

Since we hold the product development, production and service chain fully in our hands, we are able to provide unique service. Local installers and our national business location network top off the comprehensive service.

My roof is leaking – what should I do?

Vesivek Emergency roof leak service is here to help you. We examine the situation, perform the necessary initial protection and agree on the next steps. Call +358 19 568 1093. The number serves you 24/7.

Take care of your roof

Did you know that if your roof fails due to the lack of maintenance, the insurance does not cover the expenses?


The roof has a service life

Leaks, stale smell, cracks, loose nails/screws, rust stains and growths on the roof are all signs of poor roof condition. The service life of a roof is rarely over 40 years. If the last roof renovation was done over 30 years ago, it’s high time to ask a professional to check the condition of the roof. A renovation done in time is cheaper than one done after damage has already taken place.


Inspect the condition of the roof regularly

The condition of the roof should be observed regularly. Checking the roof in the spring and in the autumn reveals any issues in time before the damage gets worse. In addition to inspecting the roofing, gutters, lead-throughs and fixing, remember to check the ceiling construction as well. Check the condition of roof access routes and snow guards as well.


Call a roof specialist

If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, ask Vesivek’s roof specialist to inspect it. We make thousands of roof condition assessments every year. Approximately half of them lead to some degree of repairs. The visit is free of charge and you do not commit to anything. Should there be need for a renovation, we make you an offer at the same time.

When is the right time for a roof renovation?

The roof is one of the most important structures of your home, so take good care of it! A well-functioning roof must fulfil three different functions: it must be waterproof, safe, and the ventilation must be in order. People often think that the roof is only damaged when water leaks into the building. There may, however, be hidden problems in the roof, often caused by poor ventilation. An outdated roof structure may be the cause of stale indoor air, for example.

Request a roof condition assessment before there are any problems.

  • The roof is over 30 years old
  • Cracks in the ceiling
  • A stale smell
  • The roof is leaking
  • The underlay is missing

How much does a roof renovation cost? Monthly instalments from EUR 150/month

Several factors affect the price of a roof renovation: roof surface area, form, roofing material and the condition of the roof structures. Studies show that Vesivek is an affordable choice: According to a study, our offer is of equal price or cheaper than those of other contractors in 71.5% of the cases (Innolink Research Oy 7/2020). When comparing prices, you should not consider the total sum alone, but the overall contents of the offer as well.

Financing decision quickly – no more standing in line in the bank

You can make payments the way that suits you best – either as a one-time payment with a payment term of 30 days or by dividing the charge into suitable monthly instalments. You can calculate the monthly instalment and apply for a financing decision in advance already before meeting Vesivek’s representative.

How is a Vesivek roof renovation done?

Since we hold the entire delivery chain in our hands, the renovation is easy and clear for you.


Condition assessment

A high-quality renovation always starts with the detailed assessment of the roof’s current condition. This is why we never make offers over the phone – our specialist always comes to your home to inspect the roof and the roof structure. If you like, you may also participate in the assessment.


Repair plan and offer

If any renovation needs are observed in the condition assessment, we prepare a repair plan and an offer. The price is fixed and includes everything: installation work, the roof structure, the roofing, the roof safety products and the rainwater systems. A fixed contract price ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises when the project is invoiced.


Implementation of the renovation

When the offer has been accepted, we find a suitable time for the renovation. Scaffolding that guarantees the safety of both the installers and the residents is installed a couple of days before the renovation starts. After this, a 4-person installation team arrives at the site with the crane, the recycling skip and the materials. The first day comprises the construction of the roof to a weather-proof phase, and the second day is used on finalising the work.



We only send the invoice when the renovation has been completed fully. You can pay the invoice either as a single payment or in instalments. Remember that you can utilise tax credit for household expenses for the installation work. The installation and material guarantee documents are also sent to you with the invoice.

Sheet metal roofing straight from our own factory

We offer three different sheet metal roofing profiles: Teräs-Tapio, Luja-Lauri and Suora-Seppo. The products are manufactured to order in Pirkkala from SSAB’s high-class steel, in one of the most modern production lines in the industry.

Teräs-Tapio Luja-Lauri Suora-Seppo


Teräs-Tapio is our most popular roofing profile, chosen by as many as 85% of our customers.

  • Manufactured in Vesivek’s own roofing profile factory in Pirkkala
  • CE-approved production method and sheet metal materials
  • Easy to maintain and keep in order thanks to its profile and material
  • Teräs-Tapio’s profile design makes it quieter than the competitors
  • Durable against time and weather conditions


Luja-Lauri snap-lock standing seam roofing is stiffer than other products and locks more securely, resulting in high-class lock-seam roofing.

  • Stiffer than other products and locks more securely
  • Folded mechanically at the eaves
  • Suitable for low-slope roofs up to 1:9
  • Also for listed buildings
  • Five colour options


Vesivek’s Suora-Seppo is a straight roofing profile designed for low-slope homes in particular.

  • Straight roofing profile
  • Modern and timeless
  • For one-family homes with a roof slope of 1:7 or steeper
  • Also suitable for halls and industrial construction
  • Seven colour options

Brick roofs

Vesivek renovates brick roofs as well. Finnish Ormax Protector+ concrete tiles are used in brick roofs. They are beautiful and durable concrete tiles with a protector coating that creates a beautiful surface on the through-coloured brick, efficiently repelling dirt and growths. The coating also provides UV protection, keeping the colour vibrant for a long time.

The shades available are clay brick red, cottage red, dark grey, black and brown.

Brick roofs

Local and national

Vesivek’s local roof specialists are ready to help you in several towns around Finland. You can find your local roof specialists in the Contact information page or by calling us.