Drainage renovation in just one week from the forerunner in the field

Drainage renovation is one of the most important but also the most demanding renovations of the property. The drainage unit at Vesivek has decades of experience in how to handle this. There are three factors at the heart of quality: Own installers and equipment, carefully considered installation concept and comprehensive contracts and documentation. That’s why Vesivek drainage renovation is a safe choice for you and your home. Order a free plinth condition inspection here.


Own installers and equipment

We want to promise our customers premium installation quality, and we know we only get it from our own installers. We don’t use subcontractors at all, so you don’t pay for middlemen. Quality and schedules hold when the installation is done entirely with our own resources. We ensure the quality with the best guarantees on the market; the installation warranty is five years.


Carefully considered installation concept

Our underdrain units only do drainage, not earthworks. And that really matters! A drainage renovation is not just trenching; it involves many technically demanding work stages. Poorly done drainage can even be harmful to a home. Over the decades, the installation process has been honed to perfection — that’s why we are able to renovate a detached house in 3 to 5 days on average.


Clear contracts and comprehensive documentation

A Vesivek contract includes everything, only rock work or other unpredictable stages will be invoiced as additional work. Prior to the renovation, the customer receives a written report on the condition of the drainage, so decision-making does not have to be based on a gut feeling. Likewise, all renovation work stages are described and reported to the customer. Thus, the property owner has the drainage system documented in black and white, to be used, for instance, when selling the property.

Symptoms of a defective drainage system

Growth, tarnish or cracks in the plinth

Growth, tarnish or cracks in the plinth

Ants in the house

Ants in the house

Water in the basement, clogged drains

Water in the basement, clogged drains

A musty or stale odour

A musty or stale odour

Dam plate missing, wrong soil type

Dam plate missing, wrong soil type

Incorrect yard grading

Incorrect yard grading

Plinth condition inspection™

Taking on a drainage renovation is a big decision, which is much easier to make, when you have up-to-date information about the current condition of the property. During the condition inspection of the plinth, our experts thoroughly review the condition of the drains and foundations, and if desired, the customer will receive a written and illustrated report on the inspection. The inspection and report are always free of charge for the customer. If moisture problems are not detected, the report provides peace of mind and serves as documentary evidence of a healthy home.

Read more about the plinth condition inspection

Why do most customers choose a Vesivek renovation?


The longest experience in the industry

With nearly 60 years of accumulated knowledge at our fingertips and excavator controls, you can be sure your home is in safe hands.


Best warranties

The installation warranty is five years and the material warranty for the piping is 30 years. With a well-established and financially sound company you can rest assured that the warranties are reliable.


Water away from the plinth within a week!

The highly developed operating model as well as Vesivek’s own equipment and installers ensure a smooth contract. Each renovation site is thoroughly inspected and the implementation is carefully planned in advance. This enables us to complete the renovation of a detached house in an average of 3 to 5 days.


Unbeatable price-performance ratio

There are many factors that contribute to the overall quality of a drainage renovation, such as developed installation concept, high-quality domestic products and skilled installers. When all these factors are in our own hands, we are able to serve our customers at a cost-effective price.


Renovation made easy

You will have one contact person to turn to throughout the renovation. The entire contract from the condition assessment to the final inspection is reported in writing, and we actively inform about the progress of the renovation. Should any problems arise, remember that the responsibility is always carried by one, designated party.


Safety first!

Vesivek is a forerunner in occupational safety, so our construction sites are safe for both installers and residents.


We pay attention to the environment

Each home and yard is considered individually. The handling of plants, tiling, etc. in the yard is agreed with the customer in advance. Construction waste is removed from the site in an appropriate manner. Well-planned work and own equipment minimise the amount of logistics.

How is a Vesivek drainage renovation done?


Contact request

A convenient time will be agreed for a free inspection visit. The customer may attend the inspection.


Plinth condition inspection™

The current condition of the property’s drainage and foundation is inspected. If desired, the customer will receive a written report of the inspection.


Corrective action plan

If a repair need is detected, you will receive a written plan of corrective measures and a turnkey offer.


Implementation of the renovation

Our installers will carry out the renovation at the agreed time, in an average of 3 to 5 days.


Cleaning up the yard

Renovation waste is removed from the site and the yard is cleaned up once the work is done.


Follow-up inspection

We review the renovation outcome together with the customer and write a final report.


Warranty certificate

The customer receives a 5-year installation warranty certificate and a 30-year material warranty certificate.

The benefits of repaired drains


Rainwater worries washed away

Stormwater, i.e. rainwater and meltwater, leaves the yard in a controlled manner.


Soil moisture in control

Capillary rise of water from soil to the structures is now prevented.


Functional ventilation

Foundations are ventilated and dried thanks to the dam plate, the right soil type and proper landscaping.


Maintenance is easier

With the help of inspection wells, the functionality of the drainage can be checked regularly.


A healthy and safe home

Most serious indoor air problems are due to inadequate drainage.


The lifespan of the home

The lifespan of the home is extended by decades.


Property value

Property value increases. Selling the property is easier and safer.

The most common causes of moisture and mould damage to foundation structures:

  1. Surface water runoff into the building
  2. Defective gutter and rainwater systems
  3. Infiltration of surface water into the crawl space and other structures
  4. Penetration of pressurised water into the crawl space and other structures
  5. Capillary rise of water from the subsoil to structures

Proper drainage is the single most important factor in preventing the damages listed above!
(Source: The Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate)

Why is timely renovation of the drainage system so important?

Drainage renovation is a big investment and therefore it is easily postponed. Furthermore, the drains are not visible, so their maintenance and inspection procedures are easily forgotten. That constitutes a risk of dysfunctional drains causing damage to the home’s subfloor structures for a long time before any signs of problems become apparent. At that point, other structures on the property may already have suffered damages, and the price of renovation may rise significantly.

  • Just like other property structures, underdrains age. Their average service life is 30 to 40 years.
  • If moisture has damaged the subfloor structures, in addition to drainage repairs, other repair measures will have to be taken.
  • At worst, mould and other microbial growth caused by moisture migrate into the indoor air and can cause serious health problems.
  • In principle, an insurance does not cover any damage caused by defective drainage. Renovations of subfloor structures are usually large-scale contracts and the property owner has to pay for it all.

Stages of a Vesivek drainage renovation

1. The foundations are dug open below the footing, the plinth is brushed clean and rough parts are leveled.
2. A dam plate is installed against the plinth as a moisture barrier

3. A cellular plastic cover is installed against the dam plate
4. The dam plate protection strip is installed

5. The drainage and rainwater pipelines, inspection and gutter wells and the basic water well are installed.

6. The drain pipes are covered with gravel and the filter cloth is applied

7. Frost insulation is installed and the ground is shaped

8. A capillary gravel edging is made and wooden frames installed The yard is cleaned up and finished off.

The most common property drainage problems

  1. The grading of the ground is improper or graded in a way that encourages water to flow towards the home.
  2. The lawn, topsoil and dirt / fine sand are attached to the foundations.
  3. Frost insulation is waterlogged and made of too thin styrofoam.
  4. The underdrain pipe is single-layer and 70 mm in diameter. Drain pipes are often damaged and clogged.
  5. Rising damp penetrates the structures.
  6. In a house with a false (fake) plinth, the wall structures are below ground level, allowing moisture to be diverted to the structures (waterlogged wooden beams, joists and insulations).
  7. There is masonry mortar in the ventilation gap which increases the transfer of moisture to the wall structures.
  8. The floor structures absorb capillary rising moisture.