Are you concerned about your roof? Take advantage of Vesivek's complimentary roof condition inspection.

You’re not alone in having concerns about your roof – studies show that 58% of single-family home owners contemplate roof matters for up to 5 years before deciding to proceed with renovations. Replacing a roof is a significant undertaking, and naturally, one does not want to embark on it without solid reasons. A professional, thorough condition inspection helps in making the decision and saves you from unnecessary worry. Vesivek’s conceptualized inspection is comprehensive, reliable, and free of charge.


Long experience brings professional expertise

There are many different types of condition inspections available on the market. Vesivek’s inspection concept is based on the experience we have gathered from Finnish roofs over more than 40 years. The inspection is always carried out by our own trained roofing expert.


Clear and illustrative information

Our roofing expert always goes through the findings of the inspection with the customer. The information is presented understandably and supported by photographs.


Facilitates decision-making

Based on a comprehensive and photographic inspection, the customer can safely decide on the necessity of renovations. Vesivek conducts thousands of condition inspections annually, and on average, half of them do not lead to any repair actions.


Free inspection

The Vesivek condition inspection is part of our service and free of charge to the customer. Having the inspection done does not commit the customer to making an order. If deficiencies are found, we provide a total offer for repair actions.

How does the Vesivek condition inspection proceed?



We will contact you by phone to understand what kind of property is involved. We agree on a suitable time for the inspection visit. If you wish, you can follow the progress of the inspection.

Condition Inspection

Condition Inspection

We assess the condition of the roof covering, roof safety, and rainwater system. In the attic, we ensure there are no signs of leaks or insufficient air circulation.



The results are explained to the customer in plain language and with the help of photographs. If you wish, you can receive a fixed-price turnkey offer if there are needs for renovation.

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