Vesivek account – a safe and flexible way to pay for a gutter renovation, either as a single payment or in instalments

With a Vesivek account, you can pay off your entire renovation as a single payment without interest and costs, or, alternatively, you can take advantage of OP’s financing offered to Vesivek customers and pay in monthly instalments.

Choose the 30-day, interest-free and expense-free payment holiday

The first invoice arrives 30 days after the renovation. You can then decide whether you want to pay off the renovation as a single payment without any interest or whether you want to use the instalment option offered by OP and pay in the monthly instalments of your choice.

Vesivek account – the benefits of flexible payment

For maximum security and flexibility in payment transactions, all Vesivek renovations are paid via your Vesivek account, whether you pay for the renovation as a single payment or in instalments. Both the single payment and the instalment payment methods are applied for by using the same OP online form. It is recommended to open a Vesivek account even before you meet your Vesivek representative.

If you use the instalment option of the Vesivek account, you can pay for the purchase in monthly instalments that suit you, the minimum instalment being EUR 150/month (the monthly instalment depends on the size of the investment). You can make additional payments at any time. If you don’t want to pay in instalments, you can pay the entire renovation on the first invoice you receive.

  • The same application can be used to apply for a single payment and instalment payment.
  • With the first invoice, you can pay the full amount at once, without charges and interest.
  • With flexible monthly instalments, you can pay either the minimum amount or a higher amount.
  • You can pay off the invoice at any time without any additional costs.
  • The monthly instalments of the Vesivek account constitute a renovation loan that entitles you to interest deductions in taxation.

Terms and conditions for a Vesivek credit account

  • Customer interest rate OP-prime + 6.95% = 10.45% (October/2023).
  • Management fee EUR 7/invoice (from second invoice).
  • No credit fee, one month free of charge and interest.

* The actual annual interest rate for the Vesivek account financing (one-time loan/monthly instalment option) of an EUR 8,000 loan is 12.48% when the loan interest rate is OP-prime + 6.95% (10.45% October/23), the set-up fee is EUR 0 and the invoicing fee is EUR 7/month. The estimated total cost of the loan is EUR 12,015. The calculation is based on the assumption that the credit has been withdrawn in full, and that the interest rate on the credit as well as the fees and charges remain the same throughout the credit period and that the credit is repaid at a minimum rate of EUR 136 (1.7% of the credit amount) every month, with a credit term of 89 months. The calculation takes into account the one-month interest-free and expense-free payment period at the start of the loan. The credit is granted by OP Corporate Bank plc, Gebhardinaukio 1, 00510 Helsinki, Finland.